Avenida Suites Leadership Team


Dan Gorman - President/CEO

Dan began his career as a US Marine shortly after graduating High School. He spent the first few years as an enlisted Marine rising in rank to Sergeant. During this time, he spent a tour of duty as a Marine Security Guard at the Consulate in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was here that Dan was selected for a commissioning program, which led to his becoming a Marine officer a few years later graduating from Texas A&M University with a Bachelors degree.  After becoming an officer, Dan deployed all over the world, spending lots of time in several African and Latin American countries training U.S. military allies. Dan completed his career as a U.S. Marine after 16 years on active duty.  In 2007, Dan started a corporate housing company geared towards helping fellow service members find a wonderful place to stay while they were away from their families.  This eventually became Avenida Suites. Dan is responsible for strategic growth and leadership of the team and is fluent in English with the ability to conduct basic business and conversations in Portuguese. You can contact Dan directly by email at Dan@avenidasuites.com.


Claudia Gorman - Vice President

Claudia was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. In 1995, she met Dan while he was stationed on a tour of duty as a U.S. Marine and married in 1996 shortly after joining Dan back in the US.  When she arrived, she did not speak any English, but set out to learn as quickly as possible.  With Dan’s help, and sheer drive and determination, the language was quickly mastered which allowed her to quickly work her way into management positions. Claudia went on to start, build and sell several small businesses as the family was moved between military bases. In 2007, she helped Dan start the corporate housing business which is now Avenida Suites.  Claudia serves as Vice President, overseeing the training and development of key staff and is focused mainly on the business growth in Latin America.  She is fluent in Portuguese and English and conversational in Spanish. You can contact Claudia directly at Claudia@avenidasuites.com.

Leo Capotorto - Director, Global Business Development 

Leo is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina and moved to the United States to attend college on a soccer scholarship. He holds a BA in Communications and a Master in Business Administration. Leo brings to Avenida Suites more than 6 years of Relocation/Global Mobility experience.  As Director of Global Business Development , Leo’s responsible for development and execution of the sales strategy for the company, which includes account planning, strategy, establishment of goals and objectives for maintaining and growing existing clients while securing new opportunities.  Leo is fluent in Spanish and English and conversational in Portuguese. You can contact Leo directly at Leo@avenidasuites.com.


Tracy Mahon - Chief Operations Officer

Tracy brings more than 13 years of Corporate Housing experience to Avenida Suites.  She started her career in the South Florida market for a large global corporate housing company as a customer service representative.  In 2002, Tracy and her family relocated to Central Florida and was promoted to an account management and inside sales role.  Tracy has managed key accounts for temporary housing all over the United States. In 2011, Tracy joined Avenida Suites as the senior account manager for several of Avenida’s largest corporate accounts.  She has developed and maintains a number of key relationships with management/apartment communities and is the lead trainer for all new account managers and service representatives Avenida Suites adds to its team. You can contact Tracy at Tracy@avenidasuites.com.