How to stay fit during your relocation assignment

A relocation assignment can be a huge opportunity for your career but it doesn’t mean you have to leave behind your routine of eating healthy, working out, and resting.

Eating healthy is not an easy task and it is more difficult when you are not in your own environment. This is especially true when you want to try all those new and delicious restaurants that your new city has to offer, or even get pizza or Chinese food delivered to you. One way to keep your healthy eating habits while on assignment is to cook your own meals in your furnished apartment. Avenida Suites furnished apartments have fully equipped kitchens with everything you need to cook a yummy and healthy meal.

Developing a new workout routine can be complicated, so don’t stop while on assignment, just adjust your routine. We recommend that you go for a run or walk around the new city. It is great way to see and explore the city while maintaining your health. Your Avenida Suites’ furnished apartment includes access to a gym and a pool within the apartment community. These are great resources  to get re-energized during the duration of your assignment. Another great way to stay in shape is to join a local sports team league in order to keep fit and this also helps you to meet new people.

You also need to get enough rest and sleep by following medical professional’s recommended 8 hours of sleep per night. This may be easier said than done with your new job and schedule. However, keep in mind, adequate rest is key for your mind and body to function at peak performance.   All of Avenida Suites’ furnished apartments are fully equipped and spacious with exceptionally comfortable beds and couches for you to rest and relax during your down time.

Just remember, staying healthy and fit during your transition is important, and with the amenities offered with each furnished apartment in our inventory, it is much easier.  Good luck!