Why a relocation “look-and-see trip” is important

Why a relocation “look-and-see trip” is important

Relocation look-and-see trips are a very important component of a relocation package, but not all relocated employees take advantage of it for different reasons; it could be to save money if they received a lump-sum, they might feel they don’t need it, or companies might not offer it as part of the package.

The purpose of the look- and-see trip is to acquaint the employee, their spouse/partner, and family with the new city or country environment and local living conditions and to gather an insight into their future place of residence. The typical trip is generally up to a maximum of seven days and it is usually advised to schedule it one or two months in advance of the time for the permanent move.

This trip could be organized by a Relocation Management Company (RMC), Destination Service Provider (DSP) or the employee could do it on their own. If it is organizedby an RMC or DSP, the relocation look-and-see trip would generally consist of the following agenda, but please note that all companies are different and have their own way of providing these types of services.

First, the employee would receive a welcome package with useful information about the city and country that includes information about typical cost of living, cross cultural tips, information about car ownership, schools, desirable expat neighborhoods, and more. Depending on the length of the assignment or even if it’s a permanent move, the employee would generally tour some temporary housing options.  They may also tour some homes for purchase or rent that they will move into once the household goods arrive.  If the employee has children they would get the opportunity to visit schools that match the children’s needs.  Included as well would be a general familiarization tour that would include emergency facilities, shopping venues, banks, supermarkets, pharmacies, etc.

Relocation look-and-see trips are very important as they provide some advanced knowledge of a new environment and can significantly help to reduce the stress a move places on individuals and families.  The reduction in stress allows the employee to be more focused on their new job which immediately increases productivity and allows for a more seamless transition.

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